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Tuesday | 12 till 2pm | 6pm till 11pm Wednesday | 12 till 2pm | 6pm till 11pm Thursday | 12 till 2pm | 6pm till 11pm Friday | 12 till 2pm | 6pm till 11pm Saturday | 12 till 2pm | 6pm till 11pm

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Get ready to experience some Spanish flavour!

Finally a piece of the Mediterranean reaches the South Coast, and introduces you to a new way of eating.

Many people don’t really know what “Tapas” means, so we intend on showing you what a great way it is to enjoy food.

Our restaurant caters for everyone, we have some great seafood, a variety of vegetarian dishes and some imported meat and cheeses, all of which are prepared and served in a tradicional Spanish enviroment.

Come and see us and try something different!

James and Diana

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7 / 21 /201110:52 AM
New Website Launched

Our Brand new website has been launched. We Hope you like

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